Global Giving Policy

The Western Digital Foundation awards community grants to NGO’s and public schools in the regions where the Company operates major business units.  The program offers the opportunity for qualifying organizations to apply for funding via a competitive application process.  Successful applicants must meet U.S. government vetting requirements prior to receiving any funds.

We currently consider grant requests from the following countries outside of the U.S. 









Letters of Inquiry

Western Digital will accept letters of inquiry from NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and public schools with tax-exempt (or equivalent) status.

The Letter must include the following information:

  • Name of organization and primary contact
  • Address, phone number and email address
  • Tax exempt or charitable registration number
  • Brief description of the organization
  • Brief description of project, including amount requested

In addition, we require:

  • The charity is not being recommended by a foreign official
  • The intent of the donation is not to benefit a foreign official or close relative of such
  • There are no deals that are contingent (either in fact or in appearance) upon the granting of the charitable aid
  • The charity is approved following due diligence by Western Digital and its service providers.
  • The charity’s mission is consistent with the philanthropic priorities of the Western Digital Corporation (Education, Hunger Relief, Environmental Issues)

If your request is accepted for a possible grant award, you will be required to complete an online grant application.

Please complete letters of inquiry here.