WD® Supports Gaming Community at BAFTA Los Angeles' Launch of 2015 Games Masterclass Series

Irvine, CA - 20 января 2015 г.

WD®, a Western Digital company and world leader in storage solutions, today announced their sponsorship of BAFTA Los Angeles’ new series of Games Masterclass Events. Throughout 2015, BAFTA Los Angeles will host a series of Masterclasses focused on game development. Each Masterclass will educate and explore the innovation, technology, alternative thinking and leadership required to create some of the biggest IP’s in the entertainment industry.

WD and BAFTA Los Angeles will collectively drive invaluable and unmatched insight into the creative world of video game development through written and video content distributed exclusively through WD’s own content platform, WD Ventito.  

“The BAFTA LA Games Masterclass series is a natural fit for WD Ventito, which is a place for WD fans to engage with breakthrough content that spans not only gaming, but business, technology and creativity as well,” Melyssa Banda, senior director marketing communications, WD.  “The ability of WD Ventito to serve as the presenter of the inaugural 2015 event is a reflection of WD’s breakthrough initiatives and commitment to truly connecting with our fans on a meaningful level.”

The inaugural Masterclass of 2015 will feature a discussion and presentation from Chris Roberts, Founder and CEO of Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of Star Citizen. For over 25 years, Chris has been a leader in both the video game and movie industry sector and recently returned to the video game arena in 2012 with his vision for Star Citizen, a space-based online universe which has been embraced by the gaming community. To date, Star Citizen has raised over $66 million in crowd funding. 

The event will be open to both BAFTA Los Angeles members as well as the general public. For more information on the Masterclass Series, and how you can book your seat, please visit www.wdventito.com/BAFTAmasterclass