Letter from the CEO

Western Digital is committed to sound corporate citizenship in all aspects of our business.

Our commitment starts with maintaining a strong company, which invests its resources wisely and focuses on operational excellence. WD’s business model allows us to enter new markets and meet the needs of an ever-increasing customer base with cost-effective products. Our success, in turn, allows us to create jobs and generate wealth in all of the communities in which we operate. As we build new plants and expand our existing facilities throughout the world, we bring economic opportunities to the talented men and women who join our team, offering them the promise of challenging work and an enhanced standard of living.

Our commitment extends to our shareholders to whom we deliver strong returns. Our shareholders can take pride in a company that identifies integrity as one of its core values. At WD, we achieve our business and financial goals while adhering to the highest ethical standards. This means that our employees deal fairly with our customers, our vendors and each other. It also means that we implement rigorous processes and controls to ensure the accuracy of our financial reporting. While this is the correct thing to do, we also believe it allows our shareholders and the investment community to fully appreciate the significance of our success as we meet or exceed the objectives we set for ourselves.

Our commitment encompasses the natural resources that surround us. We strive to preserve and protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and by recycling or reclaiming spent resources in our everyday operations. We have also introduced more energy-efficient products, which use our GreenPower technologies to consume less power even as they deliver superior performance. Businesses and families who use our GreenPower hard drives reduce their carbon emissions and electricity costs while still enjoying the benefits of exceptional, reliable hard drives.

Finally, our commitment embraces the people who live in the communities where we do business. We help strengthen those communities by funding local charitable organizations that work to improve education, health care and the environment, and by encouraging our employees to volunteer with neighborhood service providers. We also work to improve the living conditions that prevail in these communities by working with our fellow members of the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition group to raise the labor, health, safety and environmental standards to which companies in our industry hold themselves as they run their businesses.

We are excited about the future and what it holds for our company. As WD’s business grows, so does our opportunity to have an even greater impact on the world around us. We invite you to explore this website and read more about the steps we’ve already taken to make good on that opportunity.

Stephen Milligan
Chief Executive Officer