You packed a stellar wardrobe. Created the perfect playlist for the trip. You’re pumped! WD can help protect photos and videos of your entire festival experience.

My Cloud

Save to your Cloud at home while camping

collect, access and share music fest fun

No matter where you travel to soak in the music, you can wirelessly back up photos and videos on your phone to your My Cloud personal cloud storage device at home using the My Cloud mobile app. It’s great for backing up fantastic festival moments, even when you’re camping.

Centralize. Save and organize the experience and good vibes in one reliable place.

Collect. Give friends access via the My Cloud mobile app to upload their awesome photos and videos. Relive the festival through each other’s eyes.

Access and share. Using your phone, tablet or computer, you can access and share your festival adventures with friends and family from anywhere with an internet connection.

collect, access and share music fest fun
My Passport Ultra

Wind down & back up in luxury

Back up and protect in brilliant style

After the last DJ’s set wraps and you unwind in the sleek comfort of a hotel or BnB, you can transfer and back up photos and videos from your phone and camera to the My Passport Ultra drive with help from a laptop.

Brilliant style. Fusing metallic and matte finishes, the My Passport Ultra drive fits comfortably in your palm, pocket or purse so you can take your festival media anywhere.

Import social media files. Import festival photos and videos that you posted on social media to help preserve your experience.

Password protection. Help keep your festival content secure with a personalized password to activate hardware encryption and data protection.

Back up and protect in brilliant style