You've got what it takes

Big goals. Big fun. Save it all.

My Cloud

For the future data analyst

Save and share photos, videos and files with friends and classmates in one network place with the My Cloud personal cloud storage device. Access your school content from anywhere you have an internet connection with the My Cloud mobile app and It has auto photo and video backup for smartphones, and wireless backup for PC and Mac computers.

My Passport

For the future international attorney

With up to 4TB capacity, the My Passport portable drive lets you expand your limited-capacity laptops and computers to save more schoolwork, playlists, photos and videos. Password protection helps keep your school content safe. And you can take it anywhere. This sleek, portable storage has a bold, vibrant design and is available in a variety of cool colors.

WD Blue

For the future civil engineer

Give your PC a significant performance boost with WD Blue SATA SSD. You get speedy system boots, swift load time, and can quickly launch heavy-duty content like RAW images, 4K videos, virtual reality (VR) and games. For school, load high-capacity design files fast and have a smooth editing experience. Ready for a break? Play games with quick level loading and minimal lag time.