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Raspberry Pi with USB storage. Easier than ever.

With this preloaded SD card, you can easily attach USB storage to your Raspberry Pi.  NOOBS (version 2.4 or later) is the latest release from Raspberry Pi Foundation.  It automatically detects USB storage, so that you can boot from the SD card and install applications directly to a USB storage device, like the WD PiDrive.  Great for a Raspberry Pi beginner and convenient for the experienced user, download your choice of OS(s) to the USB storage device and get started!  

Preloaded SD card

NOOBS Lite Is an easy way to have a variety of operating systems on your Raspberry Pi. We’ve preinstalled NOOBS Lite (v. 2.4) onto an SD card. All you need is network connection to select from multiple OSs and complete the installation. 

Easily add USB storage

NOOBS (v. 2.4 or later) auto-detects USB storage and the setup menu includes an option to select a USB drive. You boot from the SD, and root files are stored onto the attached USB making it simple to install OSs onto a mass USB storage device, like the WD PiDrive. 

Space to Create

With USB mass storage attached to Raspberry Pi, you can create heavier storage projects like a personal media server, Pi music box, or network file server.  Or manage multiple projects in one convenient Raspberry Pi setup.

Technical Specifications

16GB NOOBS Lite microSD card



NOOBS Lite version 2.4


Package includes:

16GB microSD card (preloaded)

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