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    Standard license valid for 3 computers. Premium license valid for 10 computers.

    WD SmartWare Pro backup software

    Your computer is full of your precious memories, favorite music, video downloads and important personal files. But if you aren't backing up regularly, you're just one system crash or computer virus away from losing it all. WD provides a complete backup solution with My Book Duo, with WD Smartware Pro software for your file backup needs and Acronis® True Image WD Edition software for system-level backup.

    Local Backup

    Automatic backup software offers an easy way to back up and protect your important files.

    Cloud Backup

    Dropbox Cloud Integration

    WD Smartware Pro backup software offers Dropbox cloud integration. Simply add your Dropbox account information and you can quickly back up your My Book Duo to the cloud giving you an offsite copy of your most important files. And, you can also back up the files in your Dropbox cloud account to your My Book Duo giving you a second copy of your cloud - safe and secure in your home.1

    Choose How, When and Where You Back Up Your Files

    File backup lets you choose the specific files and folders that you want to protect or you can back up your files based on category like photos, music and videos. You can also pick between automatic, continuous backup or schedule the day, time and frequency of your backup.

    Bring Back Lost Files With Ease

    If you ever accidentally delete an important file or need to get an earlier version of a file, WD SmartWare Pro helps retrieve the file in seconds with an easy-to-use retrieve interface.

    Visual Interface Shows Backup Progress

    WD SmartWare Pro features a visual user interface with gauges that display how much data you have to be backed up in each category. As your backup progresses, the gauges change color showing the backup in real-time.

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