Global Citizenship Committee

Western Digital has enjoyed a long history as one of the world’s leading storage companies. Our customers recognize our commitment to designing and manufacturing products of exceptional quality, and our investors recognize our consistent profitability and operational excellence. It has never been enough, however, for us to simply succeed. At WD, we have always believed in succeeding the right way. This means that we measure our performance against more than just operational and financial metrics. We measure ourselves against values that are important to us. We believe that integrity should be at the core of everything we do, and that we should be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

As the number of people who make, use and own our products continues to increase, we will have more opportunities than ever before to positively influence people’s lives throughout the world. While we always had a deep commitment to the economic and social success of the communities in which we operate, in 2004 we established our Committee on Corporate Responsibility so that we could think more strategically about our role as a corporate citizen throughout the world. Our Committee is a cross-functional group comprised of representatives from our various offices. It includes members of our human resources team who are focused on keeping our employee population engaged with challenging work, competitive compensation and workplaces that are safe and clean. It includes members of our materials, engineering and quality teams who look to design products which consume less power but still deliver exceptional performance. It includes members of our facilities and environmental, health and safety teams who look for opportunities to manufacture our products in ways that conserve natural resources. It includes members of our internal audit and legal teams who help ensure that we comply with the various legal and regulatory requirements that govern a large, multi-national enterprise like ours. The Committee meets regularly to review issues raised by our customers, vendors and other stakeholders and to develop systems or programs which address concerns identified by those stakeholders. The Committee is also our Company’s liaison with the members of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (the “EICC”). Our Committee works with members of the EICC to develop and implement enhanced workplace, environmental, safety and corporate governance standards to which companies in our industry hold themselves.

The Committee is co-chaired by top executives in the company, including the Company's Vice President, Administration and General Counsel, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Customer Satisfaction, and the Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer. As such, the Committee has the support of the Company's most senior management.