Raspberry Pi fans: The WDLabs team has learned a great deal from engaging you and designing products for DIY community. We continue to investigate emerging ideas, however, and the time has come for our engineers to explore new areas. The WDLabs products for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem are now available only on a limited basis and will be discontinued. Our understanding of and appreciation for the creative Raspberry Pi community is highly valued by Western Digital and may resurface in the future.

We thank each and every one of you for your support these past three years.

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WD PiDrive Foundation Edition
Media Stick for Raspberry Pi
WD 2.5'' SATA to Raspberry Pi Adapter Board
WD Enclosure Kit for Pi Zero
WD PiDrive Enclosure Blue Square 6''x6''
WD PiDrive Enclosure White Square 6''x6''
WD PiDrive Enclosure Blue Square 4'' x 4''
WD PiDrive Enclosure Black
WD PiDrive Enclosure White
WD PiDrive Enclosure Kit
WD PiDrive Cable
WD PiDrive Cable Kit (2A)
WD PiDrive Cable Kit (3A)
Media Stick Cable