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Adding Storage for Your Gaming Past

by Eduardo Vasconcellos, WD

July 29, 2016

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I’ve been playing games as long as I can remember. I cut my teeth hopping over barrels in the ‘80s, and I really had my eyes opened during the 16-bit renaissance. The 32/64-bit era showed me a new dimension of what games could bring, and when it came time to step up to the next big thing, I was thrilled to see the new generation of game consoles would let me bring my old games with me.

In the past decade alone, I’ve run across the rooftops of Florence, Italy and staved off the evil holed up on Mars. I’ve commanded the Normandy and fought for the lost. I’ve cleared 120 MPH on the Nurburgring, and I’ve sailed the high seas of the Caribbean. I’ve been to the Bering Strait alongside a Special Forces regiment. I’ve even defied the laws of physics with a gravity gun and found out that the cake is a lie.

Backwards compatibility is an amazing thing that let us keep playing our favorite games, even when we upgrade our consoles. And with the current generation of video game consoles, we’re also seeing the classics re-released as digital downloads. Between the masterpieces of yesterday and the swell of amazing games launching through the rest of the year, disk space will be at a premium, and you’ll have to pick and choose what games to keep locally.

Or, you can keep everything on an external hard drive.

An external hard drive adds storage to compatible gaming rigs in a few easy steps. Some drives use a lower RPM, so they may not work properly with a given game console. Other portable drives, like My Passport X*, are built to work with an Xbox One™, Xbox 360®, or a PC, so you simply have to plug it in. Once connected and set up, you can run games directly from the external drive**, or back up your game library and bring it wherever you go, so you always have what you need to keep playing.

This year in gaming is proving to be one of the best in a while. In the next few months, we’ll be able to explore entirely new galaxies or get a taste of the future. We’ll have another reason to fight for the horde, or battle alongside the alliance. We’ll be able to protect the planet from alien invaders, or travel back in time to the trenches of World War I. And with room for it all, you won’t miss a thing.

*Microsoft Corporation does not endorse or authorize this product.

**Internet required. Must be logged into your Xbox Live online account. If game was purchased and loaded from disk, original discs may be required to verify ownership.