A Digital Evolution Story of WD External Hard Drives

Inspiration behind the Reimagined Design

Stunning Storage,
Built for Whatever You Create

The reimagined design of WD’s My Passport, My Passport for Mac and My Book external hard drives was sparked by a quest to make a connection between each device and its user. We dug deep and got personal so our customers would love their hard drives as much as they cherish the content stored on them. The result is stunning storage built for whatever you create.

Designing for a Digital Evolution

In the world we live, data is taking on more meaning. It’s personal. It’s our lives and our memories. Sven Rathjen, Vice President of Marketing Content Solutions at WD, a Western Digital brand explains, “We’re on the verge of a serious digital evolution where data is being recognized as more than just a commodity.” He continues, “We knew we had to make our brand more personal, and bring design-thinking into our products and services.” Partnering with Yves Béhar, founder and Principal Designer at Fuseproject, brought this concept to life. Fuseproject has been paving the way for integrated design since 1999, creating award-winning holistic and cohesive designs for an array of products, including consumer technology.

Partnering with Yves Béhar, Visionary Designer

Yves Béhar is a visionary designer of product, digital and brand, who has also collaborated with renowned partners like Nivea, Paypal and Puma. He says, "Western Digital lies at the intersection of our physical life and the digital world, and we wanted to create a quality aesthetic that symbolizes this intersection.”

After spending a year collaborating with WD on research, including global consumer and stakeholder interviews, it became clear that people have a desire to own their data rather than have it live “out there” in a cloud. The bold, vibrant storage design created for WD is meaningful, just as the data people create is meaningful. 

Creating a Meaningful Design

For both My Passport and My Book, the design is split into two parts separated in the middle by a lifeline intersection. Béhar explains, “The bottom half represents our physical world – grounded, rich with texture, dynamic. The top is meant to be our digital lives – clean, pure, simple. The lifeline is the intersection of these two worlds, where WD lives as a brand.”

Like the design itself, the colors make a bold statement about the WD brand. The design team picked colors that felt personal and had personality. Béhar says, “These also act as a stark contrast to the current landscape of data storage devices, clearly standing out on-shelf. The colors balance playfulness and sophistication.” The bold, vibrant design combined with charismatic colors is sure to stop people in their tracks, and gives users the opportunity to express themselves.

This is storage reimagined on the outside with the same reliability on the inside. And it’s stunning.

My Passport
My Passport for Mac
My Book