Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition

The Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) consists of over 30 companies, including HP, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Dell, that have come together to improve working conditions and environmental stewardship throughout the electronics supply chain. This group supports a common “Code of Conduct” for electronics companies - the EICC Code. The Code covers expectations for performance across a range of company practices, including labor, health & safety, environmental practices, ethics and management systems and is rapidly becoming the industry standard for social responsibility in the electronics sector.

Western Digital has supported the EICC goals and conformed its practices to compliance with the EICC Code for many years, but we took our commitment one step further in June of 2007 by joining the EICC. Through its board, steering committee and working groups, the EICC is developing the tools to implement the EICC Code, engage with stakeholders as well as update the Code from time-to-time. Western Digital joined the EICC to help the industry improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for all those involved in the electronics supply chain. We also work with our supply chain to ensure that all of our partners in our supply chain are in compliance with the EICC Code and its goals.

Additionally, in support of the EICC, through IDEMA, the hard drive equipment and materials association, WD conducts training courses on the EICC Code for other hard drive manufacturers and their suppliers.

Click here to view or download a copy of the EICC code of conduct