Corporate Officers

The data revolution is just beginning.

Here at Western Digital, our global workforce of thousands is dedicated to unlocking the potential of data. 

The past few years has seen an unprecedented explosion in data that has changed the world around us. From personal devices to advanced data storage and the cloud, it’s never been more important to harness the power of data so we can make smarter decisions, inspire breakthrough discoveries and forge deeper connections.

From the demands of a large business to individual users, our portfolio of products and solutions are tailored to meet this challenge. Western Digital’s data-centric solutions are built to store and manage your information whether it’s in the cloud, your mobile devices, business and personal computers, or external storage devices.

As you’d expect from an industry-leader, we never stop researching and seeking innovative solutions--that means we’re prepared for whatever the future of data looks like. Delivering the possibilities of data takes global-scale manufacturing and a passion to constantly improve and transform. We’ve only just started to scratch the surface of how data can re-shape our world, and with our expertise and deep talent pool, we’ll help that data thrive and realize its full potential.

Stephen D. Milligan
Chief Executive Officer


Board of Directors & Executive Officers