Software update for Windows users

For the following products:
- My Book Essential- My Book for Mac- My Book Elite
- My Passport Essential- My Passport Essential SE- My Passport for Mac
- My Passport SE for Mac- My Passport Elite

WD SmartWare update highlights:

Windows release (updated 2/26/2015)
  • Now works with My Cloud Business Series (DL4100 and DL2100) and My Cloud Expert Series (EX4100 and EX2100).

There are two steps to this update. You'll find detailed instructions below.

Step 1: Update the drive firmware (recommended)

Step 2: Update the WD SmartWare software.

IMPORTANT: The following precautions should be taken before installing the firmware update.

  • Before updating the firmware on your drive, make sure you have a copy of all the data on your drive stored on a separate device.
  • An available USB port on your computer is required. Your drive MUST be connected to your computer through the USB port to update the firmware.
  • If you are using a laptop, please make sure the battery is sufficiently charged
  • During the firmware update, DO NOT disconnect or disrupt the power to the drive.
  • All AntiVirus software MUST be disabled.
  • All Anti-Spyware software MUST be disabled.
  • ANY and ALL programs that would require drive access during the update MUST be disabled .
  • An internet connection is required to install the firmware update.

Step 1: Update the Drive Firmware  (last updated 9/24/2014)

  1. Disconnect all other external drives from the computer except for one My Book or My Passport.
  2. Download to your desktop.

  3. Extract the file using an extraction utility.
  4. Once extracted, double-click on the file named WDFirmwareUpdater.exe.
  5. Click "Continue."
  6. Click "Accept" on EULA.
  7. Please wait a few minutes until the required update modules are downloaded.
  8. If the drive displayed is the correct drive, click "Update Firmware."
  9. Please wait a few minutes while your drive's firmware is updated.
  10. Click "Exit."
  11. Please remove the USB and power cable. Wait 10 seconds and then connect the power cable and USB cable.
  12. Reboot your computer.

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