Show off all your photos with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android smartphone.

Get quick access to all the photos stored on your My Book Live, My Book World Edition, or WD ShareSpace network drive using your iPad, iPhone, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android smartphone.

Your photos are private, safe and secure on your home network drive. No need to spend time and money on an online
photo service.

Your smartphone just become brilliant.

Show off your entire photo collection, up to 285,000 photos, without taking up tons of space on your smartphone. Download the free app from the Android Market or the Apple iTunes store and make your phone the center of attention.

WD Photos is compatible with leading Apple mobile devices and the most popular Android smartphones including, but not limited to, the DROID by Motorola, DROID Incredible by HTC, Nexus One, and the HTC EVO 4G. Photos are automatically optimized for perfect viewing on your mobile device.

Turn your iPad into the ultimate photo album.

Show off every detail of your favorite memories without compromise. When viewing your photos with your iPad, you have access to the highest available resolution - 1024 x 768. WD Photos allows for a large cache size on your iPad, so you can access more of your viewed photos even when you're offline. Display your photos vertically or view them horizontally and turn your iPad into the ultimate photo album.

Folder view

Search by date

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Post a photo
to Facebook

All your photos at your fingertips.

WD Photos offers a variety of features, including:

  • Instantly post photos to Facebook.
  • Create a slideshow with transitions to create digital art.
  • Access previously viewed photos even when you are offline.
  • View your photos all at once or filter them by folder or album.
  • Search by file name, folder name, or date using the built-in
    search options.
  • E-mail a photo to friend.
  • Assign a photo to
    a contact.
  • Add a photo to the Camera Roll.


  • You need a Western Digital My Book Live home network drive,
    My Book World Edition home network drive, My Book World Edition II dual-drive network storage, or WD ShareSpace network storage system.
  • You must register with WD's MioNet secure remote access service which is included free with all our network drives.
  • Your Android device must have OS 2.1 or higher. Your iPhone or iPod touch must have OS 3.1 or later.