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Flexible backup options.
The choice is yours. Schedule backups for when your computer is idle or choose automatic, continuous backup to instantly save files when they are added or as changes are saved.

Downloadable software.
If you have a WD external drive that does not have WD SmartWare installed, or even a third party external USB drive, you can download the software and quickly begin protecting your important files.

Back up to the cloud.
Upgrade to WD SmartWare Pro you can back up to your local drive or use your Dropbox™ account to back up your files to the cloud.
WD SmartWare Pro automatic backup software offers an easy way to back up and protect your important files. With a variety of backup options: file/folder, category, scheduled, even cloud backup. WD SmartWare Pro fits into anyone's busy life.

This versatile, flexible software comes pre-loaded on select WD drives and is available for purchase to use on any other WD or 3rd party USB external drive. If you have a WD drive with WD SmartWare, you can upgrade to WD SmartWare Pro to take advantage of the new features including cloud backup to Dropbox.*

Click here for a free trial version of the software

Click here to purchase a full version of WD SmartWare Pro

* WD SmartWare Pro is not available in all countries.

Back up your way

WD SmartWare Pro offers options for how, when and where you back up your files.


Select File and folder or Category backup. File and Folder backup lets you choose the files and folders that you want to protect with your chosen backup mode.


Choose from automatic, continuous backup or scheduled backup. Automatic, continuous backup runs quietly in the background and backs up your files every time you add or change and save a file. With scheduled backup, you choose the day, time and frequency of your backups.


You can back up to your local external hard drive or to the cloud using your Dropbox account. For double-safe protection, you can back up the files in your Dropbox account to your local external hard drive.
Back up to any external USB drive when you upgrade to WD SmartWarePro, you can back up your computer to any external hard drive whether that drive is from WD or from a third party.

* Dropbox account required for cloud backup. Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country.

It's easy to bring back lost files.

If you ever accidentally delete an important file or need to get an earlier version of a file, WD SmartWare Pro helps you retrieve the file in seconds with the easy-to-use retrieve interface.

Visual interface shows backup progress

WD SmartWare Pro features a visual interface with gauges that display how much data you have to be backed up in each category. And as your backup progresses the gauges change color, showing you the backup as it happens.

Model #Operating System 
WDMX006RNNWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
WDMX007RNNWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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