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Specifications for the WD Caviar® WD300EB

Recommended Parameters
Physical Specifications
Performance Specifications
Physical Dimensions
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Specifications

Recommended Setup Parameters
Cylinders 16,383
Number of Heads (Logical) 16
Sectors Per Track 63
Jumper Setting Information Ten Pin Drive
10 Pin Jumper Settings
Physical Specifications
Formatted Capacity 30,020 MB
Capacity 30 GB
Interface 40-pin EIDE
Actuator Type Rotary Voice Coil
Bytes Per Sector 512
User Sectors Per Drive 58,633,344
Servo Type Embedded
Performance Specifications
Rotational Speed 5,400 RPM (nominal)
Buffer Size 2 MB
Average Latency 5.35 ms (nominal)
Contact Start/Stop Cycles 40,000 minimum
Read Seek Time (Typical) 12.8 ms
Write Seek Time (Typical) 13.8 ms
Track-To-Track Seek Time (Average) 2.0 ms
Full Stroke Seek (Average) 28.5 ms
Transfer Rate (Buffer to Disk) 593.5 Mbits/s (Max)
Transfer Rate (Buffer to Host) 100.0 MB/s (Mode 5 Ultra ATA)
66.6 MB/s (Mode 4 Ultra ATA)
33.3 MB/s (Mode 2 Ultra ATA)
16.6 MB/s (Mode 4 PIO)
16.6 MB/s (Mode 2 multi-word DMA)
Physical Dimensions
Height (English) 1.028 Inches (Max)
Length (English) 5.787 Inches (Max)
Width (English) 4.00 Inches (+/- 0.010 inch)
Weight (English) 0.947 Pounds (+/- 0.13 lb)
Height (Metric) 26.1 mm (Max)
Length (Metric) 147.0 mm (Max)
Width (Metric) 101.6 mm
Weight (Metric) 0.43 kg (+/- 0.06 kg)

Electrical Specifications - Current Requirements
Spinup (12 VDC) 1.41 A Max
Read/Write/Idle (12 VDC) 237 mA
Seek (12 VDC) 600 mA
Spinup (5 VDC) 440 mA
Read/Write/Idle (5 VDC) 650 mA
Seek (5 VDC) 700 mA
Spinup (Power) 14.2 W
Read/Write/Idle (Power) 6.09 W
Seek (Power) 10.7 W
Environmental Specifications
Operating Shock (Write) 20G, 2ms
Non-operating Shock 300G, 2 ms
Linear Vibration 20-300 Hz, 0.25 G (0 to peak)
Random Vibration 10-300 Hz, 0.00194 g2/Hz
Operating Temperature (English) 41F to 131F
Non-operating Temperature (English) -40F to 149F
Operating Temperature (Metric) 5C to 55C
Non-operating Temperature (Metric) -40C to 65C
Operating Humidity 5-85% RH non-condensing
Non-operating Humidity 5-95% RH non-condensing
Operating Altitude (English) -1,000 feet to 10,000 feet
Non-operating Altitude (English) -1,000 feet to 40,000 feet
Operating Altitude (Metric) -305M to 3,050M
Non-operating Altitude (Metric) -305M to 12,200M
Acoustics (Idle Mode) 32 dBA (average)
Acoustics (Seek Mode) 36 dBA (average)

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