Every drive has a purpose.

Whether it’s for your PC, Network, Surveillance or Scalability needs, every drive
has a purpose. Our goal is to make it easy for you to select the right drive that
brings you the best experience possible.

Build it in BLUE
Create it in BLACK
Network it in RED
Capture it in PURPLE
Scale it in DATACENTER

WD Blue

PC Hard Drives

WD Blue drives let you store your personal photos, videos & important files making it an excellent solution for the everyday PC user.

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WD Black

Performance Hard Drives

For those who are looking to edit photos, play games or design creative artwork, WD Black hard drives provide the performance you need when it matters most.

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WD Red

NAS Hard Drives

Equip your NAS with WD Red hard drives and enjoy streaming your media, backing up your PCs, File sharing, and managing your digital content quickly and easily.

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WD Purple

Surveillance Hard Drives

WD Purple surveillance hard drives are designed for high temperature, always-on, surveillance security systems to ensure reliability and quality video play back when you need it most.

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WD Datacenter

Datacenter Hard Drives

The tools you need to optimize
your modern storage infrastructure

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