New heights await

8TB helium platform

With 8TB of storage, you get the digital freedom to soar.

With WD's new 8TB helium platform, you'll find the HDD storage that's right for you. A helium-sealed drive reduces internal resistance for improved performance, optimized power consumption, and greater capacity. Whether it's an automated backup device, a drive optimized for 24/7 performance, or something for OS X right out of the box, WD has you covered.

My Book 8TB

Back up new content, updated files, or your entire system with My Book 8TB. With automatic backup options and USB 3.0 support, My Book delivers the peace of mind you deserve. Click here to learn more about My Book.

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WD Red 8TB

Built for optimum compatibility and always-on performance, WD Red 8TB gives your home or business a way to organize your digital content with storage you can rely on. For more about WD Red, click here.

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My Book for Mac 8TB

Custom built for OS X and Time Machine-ready, My Book for Mac 8TB gives you instant capacity, right out of the box. For more information on My Book for Mac, click here.

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WD Purple 8TB

Engineered for 24/7, always-on, high-definition surveillance security systems, WD Purple 8TB gives you the storage you need for a clear eye on things. Learn more about optimized surveillance here.

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My Cloud 8TB

Sync your media collection in a centralized location with My Cloud 8TB. With 8TB of network attached storage (NAS), you can access and share your content from wherever, whenever. Click here to find out more about My Cloud.

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My Cloud Mirror 16TB

Keep all your content twice as protected in one central location at home with My Cloud Mirror. With 16TB of dual-drive RAID storage, you can save, access and share your content from wherever you are. Click here to find out more about My Cloud Mirror.

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My Book Pro 16TB

Designed for the creative professional, My Book Pro 16TB gives you Thunderbolt 2 performance and RAID reliability, all in one device. Click here to find out how My Book Pro helps with the creative workflow.

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My Book Duo 16TB

Improve your performance with dual drives configured for RAID. Equipped with two 8TB WD Red HDDs, My Book Duo 16TB gives you massive capacity with twice the speed. To learn more about dual bay storage, click here.

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